Flash CS5 Tutorials

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Creating a Animated Story:

  1. Record your voice in Audacity and then save it as an MP3 file (Click on the following directions to install Audacity on your PC)
  2. Open a new Flash file
  3. Import the MP3 file into Flash and add frames so you can hear the MP3 file
  4. Add a new layer and paste in a photo
  5. Add another background layer with a photo and edit one photo in Photoshop
  6. Test your movie
  7. Create a new scene and import a new MP3 audio file
  8. Add a new layer, add a picture, and make the picture move (Repeat steps 7 & 8 until story is completed.)
  9. Save your movie as a SWF file so it can be seen on the Internet


Some of the Basics of Flash:

A. Create new Flash document and set the workspace and draw something
B. Make something move and test it
C. Add code to stop the animation
D. Add text and effects
E. Importing Photoshop file and rename layers
F. Make parts of the Photoshop file move
G. Copy and paste picture from the Internet
H. Make link to web page (CS5 code snippet)
I. Make picture fade in (CS5 code snippet)
J. Make picture bounce like ball (CS5 motion preset)
K. Make picture pulse like a heart (CS5 motion preset)
L. Create a shape tween
M. Create a mask layer
N. Create a motion guide


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